TM Bookstores exists to restore the order of life.
A vision we achieve through education.
Our mission is first to Educate Nigeria, Enlighten Africa, and Equip the World.


We achieve our vision as well through our brands in very creative ways. Our brands include:

CHANGE (Conferences and Projects);

The Change Brand uses conferences and projects to fulfil our corporate vision.
The Conferences have an objective of 'Inspiring Individuals for Corporate Interest and Influence'.
The projects are also means through which we influence a society establishing structures that would outlive our presence in such environments.
Over the years we have successfully set up a School Library and donated teaching aids to Secondrary Schools and Charity Homes for the less priviledged members of Society.

D.U.K.E BRANDS (Clothing, Foot-wares, e.t.c);

The D.U.K.E BRANDS uses fashion as a means to reach out to the real needs of a Society that seeks latest trends in fashion .

iD MOBILE (Electronic and Software Development);

iD MOBILE employs the electronic technology. It seeks to develop hardware and software to cater for the educational needs of society, to train a society in the development and use of the electronic technology.

REDbox (Delivery Services);

REDbox is the delivery arm of TM Bookstores and also carries out personal and special delivery services on special days like Christmas, Valentine, Easter e.t.c.


Though primarily an electronic bookstore, because we believe in a future where electronic processes will replace most manual processes, TM Bookstores however still focuses on running the operations of physical bookstores and libraries of organizations and individuals in partnership with us. We also partner with other stores and organizations that deal with products unrelated to ours by making our products available to them for a benefit.


Toluwalope Adebayo, President.

Olufemi Yusuf, Vice President (Electronics).

Nnamdi Uwajuwa, Vice President (Academia)